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Our mountain lion hunts are conducted between November and March. The success of your hunt is limited only by your personal commitment and the weather. Being professional houndsmen, we only use the most highly trained dogs who are deterred only by rainy or muddy weather unless they are having an off day then they are commonly known as just a set of ears. We use 4x4 trucks, rangers and snow machines when necessary. The average walk to a treed lion is about a mile. You will be able to take your time.


Your mountain lion hunt can be archery, pistol, rifle, muzzleloader or shotgun. Mountain Lion can be tracked successfully on the dry ground but you spend more time looking for a good track. The dogs are unable to track in the mud or rain so this should be taken into consideration when booking your hunt. We hunt many areas of Colorado and Utah so details of your hunt will be arranged between outfitter and hunter depending on the area hunted.

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