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Bookcliff Outfitters is a family owned and operated hunting business established in 1977. It was owned by Bruce and Kathy Nay of Norwood, Colorado. Bruce received his hunting education growing up with his father George. George was the lion and bear specialist for the State of Utah for years before becoming one of the top predator control officers for the State. Bruce later hunted with such well known hunters as Wynn Condict in Wyoming and Cap Atwood in Colorado before starting his own business. Hunting was always Bruce's passion. Unfortunately Bruce passed away doing what he loved in May of 2021.  Those of you that knew and hunted with him can read his life story and see pictures at

Kathy and her children and guides are continuing to carry on the legacy Bruce left with an eye to doing it his way.

Kathy cooked for years in hunting camp before taking a break to raise the kids. She is now cooking in camp again. Kathy also does the booking and logistics of getting everything and everybody to camp.


Their son Casey takes care of the website, graphic design work and videos. He claims his video editing is only as good as what his father gave him to work with.


Sissy helps her mother in camp when she is there. The rest of the time she takes care of the home place, while her husband is off at camp guiding for the family operation.


Larry Carter (son-in-law) has become a valuable member of the family, not only as Sissy's husband, but as an invaluable guide for the business. Larry is a hard working guide and all around nice guy.


W are members of the NRA, Safari Club International and Professional Hunters Association

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