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Deer hunts are conducted 2x1 or 1x1 by arrangement with the outfitter. Hunts run five hunting days plus one day in and one day out for travel. You will hunt with skilled guides that are specially selected for their knowledge of the area and the trade. The hunt can be as hard or as easy as you would like it to be. We use 4x4 trucks and walking but horses are available. Around 85% - 90% of tags are filled depending on the weather and the ability and desire of the hunter and the size of Mule Deer desired.  We would like to say 100% but there is never a guarantee.


All deer hunts in Colorado are on a draw.  There are landowner tags available for those that don't want to spend the years trying to draw a tag. The landowners have to draw also so it is best to get your name in the pot if you want a tag.


Application deadline is usually the 1st Tuesday in April. Plan to apply by April 1st.

Applications can be done by phone or online.


Late season Colorado deer hunts are available. If you would like more information, please email Kathy

or call us at 970-327-4787.

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