Having successfully conducted sheep hunts in Colorado and Wyoming for over 30 years, we are experienced outfitters for sheep hunting. We have guided sheep hunts all over Colorado, and you can count on an extremely rewarding experience if you book a sheep hunt with us.


All sheep hunts in Colorado are on a draw.Application deadline is usually the 1st Tuesday in April. Plan to apply April 1st. Applications can be done through the mail or online. If you are interested in applying for a sheep tag, contact us to book a hunt and we will see that you get an application. If you have been applying, then all you will need are the hunt codes. We supply these for the areas we hunt.



Dogs or bait it doesn't matter, we can provide them both. Email for detailed information as well as price and hunt availability. You must purchase your own license. We welcome individuals or parties.

(Colorado hunts are all spot and stalk)