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Private land surrounded by BLM is yours to explore while enjoying comfortable self contained campers or in some cases cabins with hot showers and 4x4 transportation. Combine that with some of the best hunting in Colorado and you have a hunt with Bookcliff Outfitters. 


You're going to enjoy staying with us. Our camp is rustic but comfortable located on the beautiful western slope of Colorado. You'll really be able to "check out" and get back to nature when you're hunting with Bookcliff Outfitters.


All hunts include a staff cook that will keep you well fed and in good spirits. You'll lay your head on a good mattress without worry of being windblown or rained on during the night. All campers are equipped with bathrooms and hot showers.


If you have any questions about camp, please send us an email or call us at 970-327-4787. We would be happy to answer any questions about your stay

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