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Archery Hunts are available for the hunter who seeks a different experience from hunting with a rifle. Our hunts are set up so that you can get just the type of hunting experience you are looking for.


As traditional as the hunt experienced by our American forefathers, but with the comfort of self -contained capers or in some cases cabins instead of tents, warm showers, and private ground surrounded by BLM. You'll reminisce with pride about your hunting experience with Bookcliff Outfitters for years to come.


Our hunts are conducted during the elk rut. We use tree stands, ground blinds and bugle our elk into our hunters. Hunts run five hunting days plus one day in and one day out for travel.



Rifle elk hunts run October through November. We take small groups of  hunters per hunt with one guide for every two hunters. One on one hunts can be arranged for an additional fee. Hunts run five hunting days plus one day in and one day out for travel. You will hunt with skilled guides that are specially selected for their knowledge of the area and the trade. Year after year our guides choose to return to guide for us, and success runs high on most hunts.


The hunt can be as hard or as easy as you would like it to be. We use 4x4 trucks and walking but horses are available. Around 75% of tags are filled depending on the weather and the ability and desire of the hunter.



All muzzleloader hunts are on a draw basis in the state of Colorado.


Application deadline is the first Tuesday in April.

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